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How do you support regional businesses?


8-oz jars - Anchor Hocking in Lancaster, Ohio

8-oz color labels - Mammoth Labels and Packaging in Grove City, Ohio

Fruit sourced from our yard, farms (such as Champaign Berry Farm and Legend Hills Orchards), and suppliers (such as Leelanau Fruit Company in Michigan), when possible

Bourbon - Watershed Distillery in Columbus, Ohio

How do I become a Fruit Symphony retailer?

Stock our distinctively delicious products at your retail location.

For wholesale prices, inquire here or use the Contact Us form.

When should I refrigerate my jam?


Please refrigerate your jam after opening. Unopened jars may be stored in a cool place up to one year.  

What about custom flavors, gifts and party favors?

We do our best to fulfill custom orders with a required minimum purchase of two 8-oz jars.

Add Fruit Symphony to your gift basket or inquire about special occasion party favors! 

Submit a request here or use the Contact Us form, and we will respond within 24 hours.

Where can Fruit Symphony jams be shipped? 


Fruit Symphony is an Ohio business registered under Poured LLC.

By Ohio law, we may ship our product only to Ohio customers. Shipping will be based on weight and size.​

May I arrange a drop off or pick up? 


Yes, please indicate your preference in the notes section when you complete your order.​

What should I do with my empty jars?

For each clean 8 oz jar that you return, we will apply a 25 cent credit to your next order!

Otherwise, please recycle.

Who are your designers?


Logo and labels by Karen Albanese Campbell. To visit her website, click here.

8 oz jar photos by Amy Glass. To visit her website, click here.

Website Josie Grim.

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